The offering

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The offering

Post  Jack the Reaper on Sun Jun 01, 2008 1:08 am

*the Reaper is seen kneeling before his locker*

The Reaper: O unmercyful father, grant me your hatred, unforgiveness, and power. Let me show you that I am worthy of your gift.

Father: I shall grant this as a gift, a gift that will last forever. Now, leave me to my business.

*As the voice disappears, a shape appears. The shape is a diamond.*

Father: But Reaper, this is my power. It's the hardest object anywhere. It is a diamond, infused with the souls, anger, and blood of the cursed. You fail, better pray to God.

Reaper: I will not fail.

* Reaper sits down on a bench, as he wraps a chain through the diamond. He then puts it on his neck. Reaper has his hands on his head *

Reaper: I will not fail

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