Rain's thoughts on the tournament

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Rain's thoughts on the tournament

Post  rain on Wed Jun 11, 2008 5:58 pm

Rain is walking through the backstage area when Rick Mires spots him.

Mires: Rain, hold up.

Rain stops allowing Mires to catch up to him

Mires: I just wanted to stop you and get your thoughts on the tournament.

Rain: I don't even know why I'm in this. They should just save themselves the trouble and hand me the title. Management has it all wrong, if they want to have a tournament, it should be to decide who my first title defense is against.

Mires: While it does seem that you are a strong favorite to win the title, RavenHolm also wants the title.

Rain: Who?

Mires laughs at the response

Mires: RavenHolm, your next opponent.

Rain: You mean that guy who was sitting next to you last week. That should be fun, I just hope management gets it right and puts me in the main event where I belong.

Mires: Thanks for your time

Rain continues his walk through backstage


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