Rick Mires Gets Titan Smiths Thoughts on His First Show

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Rick Mires Gets Titan Smiths Thoughts on His First Show

Post  Titan Smith on Fri Jun 13, 2008 5:47 am

Rick Mires

Good Evening to all our fans I'm Rick Mires
We are backstage here at The DDE where I'm about to get the first interview with one of the most talked about up and coming wrestlers of Death Defying Entertainment Titan "The Cobalt Hammer' Smith

Titan Smith walks in to view of the camera looking mean and not interested in doing an interview... He then stands beside Rick Mires waiting for the first question......

Rick Mires

Alot of people in The DDE are begining to take notice of you Titan Smith and your Tag team The Contractors. Why should you be the next "Big Thing"?????
And what do you have to say to your competition?????

Titan Smith turns to the camera shaking his head back and forth as if disagreeing with what Rick Mires has asked........

Titan "The Cobalt Hammer" Smith

What do you mean the "NEXT" big thing?
I'm "THE BIGGEST THING"!! got that Mires!!! And I can only get Bigger and Better!!!!
As for my competition...If what I had to deal with the other night on the show was competition then let me tell you Titan Smith does not feel to worried if thats what you mean???
I just want all the fans of The DDE to know Titan Smith and The Contractors are going to shake things up around here!!!!!!

So if anyone in DDE does not understand what I'm trying to say to come see Me so I can get my point across more personally!!!!!!!!

Titan Smith turns and leaves heading towards the lockeroom before Rick Mires has time to respond

Rick Mires

Ahhh... Okay I guess thats the end of this interview then ummmm...
Well then until next time fans I'm Rick Mires
Hope to see you next time on Death Defying Entertainment
Good Night
Titan Smith
Titan Smith

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